teragéos, founded in 1994, is a specialist in numerous geosynthetic products and applications for the construction and environment sectors. To protect water resources and stabilize land, teragéos designs exclusive geocomposite manufacturing machines to product at Veurey Voroize (38) teradrain® geocomposite drainage layers consisting of filtering geotextile incorporating mini-drains, and teracro®, structures with anti-erosion upstands, and many other special geotextile and geomembrane assemblies. Thanks to this design approach, we offer you the solutions most suitables for your needs.

Our national network of specialist dealers, can provide you with the entire product range, in particular non-woven and woven geotextiles from bontec®, the european market leader, recommended in numerous infrastructure projects in the entire region.

To provide you with a comprehensive solution, we offer you an intergrated service, from detailed design to execution.

Our distributors partners are: DMTP Point P, CRH Busca, Descours & Cabaud, MTP