• teradrain ® RIV

    Teradrain® RIV is a prefabricated drainage trench consisting of a vertical screen incorporating a network of mini-drains and a filtering pocket for main base drain. the product is used in the following works: Pavement edge screens Retaining walls ( backwards) Reinforced earth foundation Deep drainage (isolation of storage site) Functions Structures    Download the documentation:

  • teradrain® BAT-FDE-FDEP

    Teradrain® BAT, waterproofing drainage geocomposite for building bases, horizontal and vertical, used : under building slabs, under foundation rafts against underground walls around civil engineering structures and galleries at the back of retaining structures, in the bottom of formwork Functions Structures Download our documentation :

  • teradrain®

    teradrain® is a drainage geocomposite combining geotextiles and a network of mini-drains. It it used in all construction work that requires drainage, as a replacement for a supplement to conventional draining bases in aggregates, drains and geotextiles : Mat, draining base: road backfill, roadbeds, sports grounds, soil consolidation, foundation rafts (reservoirs, buildings) Covering, drainage blankets, […]