• teracro® TD

    A draining variant of teracro® is also available with teracro® TD,a cellular nonwoven geocontainer erosion control system with filtering barriers fitted with a network of perforated mini-drains. teracro® TD is used for all application of teracro® where a high drainage capacity is required in the event of a major ingress of seepage water or heavy rainfall,like […]

  • teracro®

    teracro® , the embankment coverings specialist The filtering barrier geotextile teracro® is a geosynthetic product designed to stabilize embankment coverings and help control erosion. It provides an overall solution replacing several other products. teracro® is used to : Stabilize earth coverings on slopes to be revegetated Stabilize gravel coverings without vegetation Stabilize small breakwater rockfills […]