Question: What is the Asqual Certifications?

It's the french certification of products characteristics, announced by the producer and verified and approved by external laboratories.

Question: What is CE marking?

It is compulsory and legal compliance with the European standard for geotextile as construction products; the value of the products are announced by the producer and his quality system is verified by an audit. 

Question: Is a certified product suitable for fulfilling the expected function?

No, because certifications and aptitude have nothing to do by nature. the suitability of the product is linked to the sizing in the application which allows the required characteristics to be determined. 

Question: what is a three dimensional anti-erosion geogrid?

It's a sheet of plastic fibers having a high porosity and a thickness or reliefs greater than 10mm.

Question: What is a woven geotextile?

It's a textile with threads or strips following two orthogonals directions, the weft and the warp.

Question: what is a needle punched non-woven geotextile?

It's a textile made from loose fibers intermixed by the alternating action of needles provided with barbs so as to give mechanical resistance to the web thus formed. 

Question: what is an alveolar geotextile?

It's a sheel that unfolds like an accordion to form honeycomb cells. It must be fixed to a support by ties everymeters.